• Guard health information, including medical data (reports, appointments, certificates, extracts, laboratory data, x-rays and any other health related documents)
  • Reminders about planned and missed vaccinations
  • Organizing the process of treatment prescriptions (medication, procedures, diet)
  • Organizing the day (getting up, training, walking and much more)
  • Add to the circle of your loved ones family

CMed.ME allows you to quickly have all the necessary information at your fingertips

For whom​


CMed.Me will help you to remember about taking medication, doctor visit or vaccination, or following a diet. Helps to plan your day, add other family members, store and access data from anywhere


You can create a health card for your child from the moment of impregnation. It's so important not to miss the important things about the health of your baby, like vaccinations, tests, pediatrician recommendations and much more.

People requiring special care

So important when someone cares and helps you. You can provide access to carers who will perform the necessary procedures to people who need your care.

A Doctor, A Carers

You can provide access to your data to your doctors or carers. A doctor will be able to see your health history (previous tests, examinations). A carer will help in making appointments or taking medication to the child or people requiring special care.

Main values​

Laboratory examination

Save results of laboratory tests, tracking of the dynamics


Assistance in the implementation of appointments, planning doctor's visits, analyzes

People who need special care

Assistance in the implementation of appointments, planning doctor's visits, analyzes. Planning a day caregiver and time management.


Help in organizing the cure processes: notifications on medication and procedures, nutrition advices, and so on...

X-rays, MRI, CT

Possibility of storing large data sets of the examinations


Planning of the child's day, appointment, necessary analyzes, calendar vaccinations and recommendations of the Ministry of Health.

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